Stillbrave is excited to announce our new All-Star Sibling Program! Too often, cancer steals the spotlight in the family, and siblings are left in the shadows through no fault of their own. We want these siblings to know that they are just as special to our Stillbrave family, and that they have a place where they can connect, be supported, and have some fun!

Although our All-Star Sibling Program is just getting off the ground, we have been doing a little along the way, because we just couldn’t ignore the need to help these sibs any longer! With the families that we know well, our volunteers have been spending some quality time with siblings as needed. We’ve gone out to the movies, had fun playing video games, or grabbed a bite to eat together. The kids love Tattoo Tom – who is like a rockstar to them – and we have found that siblings are so excited when Tattoo Tom wants to spend time with them too!

Stillbrave recognizes that every family has its own dynamics that change once a family receives a cancer diagnosis. Stillbrave will strive to continue to focus on the unique needs of our families. With enough funding for our program, we would love to be able to organize an outing to the ball park for a teenage sibling and a few of his/her good friends – because sometimes kids just need a break and something to get excited about!

​But the time is NOW to reach the greatest amount of sibs we can and foster a sense of community and support for these often overshadowed kids. Stillbrave plans to organize outings and parties for just siblings- and also special events and activities to connect parents and siblings. We are currently looking for dedicated volunteers to assist us in creating such an innovative program. If you are interested in being part of our volunteer team, please complete our Volunteer Form.


Please support our All-Star Sibling Program, so that we can continue to find creative ways to help our All-Star Siblings feel special!

Stillbrave believes siblings have much to contribute in this All-Star Sibling Program too. We fully anticipate that it will provide an opportunity for siblings to help other siblings as well. No one can fully appreciate their journey like another sibling!

Of course, all of these outings and parties require FUNDING, which we will need to start right away! We are going to need a lot of help in that department to make this a successful program and reach the greatest amount of families. If you have ideas, would like to help with fundraising for this program, or would like to make a specific donation to the All-Star Sibling Program, please contact Stillbrave at and/or donate using the link above.

​Stillbrave is looking for feedback from the community about how they would like to see the All-Star Sibling Program step up and meet the needs of these siblings – so please feel free to offer suggestions. We need to all come together to make this a program that can make a difference in the lives of these All-Star Siblings!

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