Tom Mitchell | TEDxHerndon – published June 22, 2016

Special Guest – Natasha Rose Gould, 12, was diagnosed with DIPG – a highly aggressive and difficult to treat brain tumor in children.

Please take a few minutes to watch Tattoo Tom Mitchell present at our local TEDx Event. Please share the video with your friends and family to spread the word and raise awareness about the need for greater childhood cancer research and funding. 4% IS NOT ENOUGH!

One Father’s Journey to Accept the Unacceptable

TEDxHerndon – published April 3, 2015

People often ask what Stillbrave is about, what our mission is, and what drives our Executive Director, Tattoo Tom, to continually push for more childhood cancer awareness and support for Stillbrave families. Now we have a video that paints a vivid picture of the driving force behind Stillbrave.

“Talk is Bullsh*t™” 100 Miler Documentary

Produced By Emmy Award Winning Journalist, Jay Korff

This Emmy Award winning documentary powerfully demonstrates Tattoo Tom’s commitment to Stillbrave and all children with cancer.

“Talk is Bullsh*t™”

“Talk is Bullsh*t™” tells us why it’s time to stop talking and start doing something for these children!


Tattoo Tom ran 100 miles for 100 Children…Here they are, the Stillbrave 100.

“The Truth 365: A National Priority”

Tattoo Tom and Stillbrave featured in Emmy Award winning “The Truth 365: A National Priority” video

Tattoo Tom reads the Wishes Poem

Tattoo Tom reads the Wishes Poem he co-wrote with his friend Gabriella Miller. Unfortunately, this reading is from her Memorial Service

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